Palm Springs residents say illegal fireworks are disrupting community

Palm Springs residents say illegal fireworks are disrupting community

Olivia Sandusky


For the last ten days, David Bagg has seen fireworks set off just blocks from his house.

“It’s such a large display you’d think it was an orchestrated display. I don’t know how safe it is. I did drive up the other night and saw a large crowd gathering around where they were shooting them off,” said David Bagg, a resident of Palm Springs.

Bagg says the activity takes place in an empty lot near Tramview Road, and has lasting effects.

“It’s a nuisance, but most concerning is my pet. She’s extremely anxious through this ordeal each night. She starts drooling and convulsing. I just feel very sorry for her,” said Bagg.

Dozens of Palm Springs residents have shared similar experiences over social media, and a petition was created this week calling for more restrictions in Palm Springs where fireworks are already illegal.

It’s also illegal to bring fireworks from other cities into Palm Springs and unincorporated areas.

“Those fireworks can be confiscated, you could receive a fine up to $5,000, much worse you could go to prison,” said Cal Fire Captain Herrera.

Despite the consequences, Captain Herrera says personal displays are on the rise, and can be particularly dangerous in hot, dry climates.

“We’ve already seen an increase since May actually of fireworks used, their probably will be a spike because of the COVID-19 restrictions and we don’t have open firework display shows anymore,” said Capt. Herrera.

Bagg has reached out to local police about the issue.

“The commander explained that unfortunately it’s not a high priority right now, he’s got limited staff due to COVID and he said what happens is they’ll get up there and they’ll scatter once the police cars arrive, and they can’t afford to keep the officer there,” said Bagg.

And now Bagg hopes the council members and Grace Garner of district one can help.

“I don’t see this getting any better or maybe culminating on July fourth, but hopefully it will relax after that,” said Bagg.

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