Locals Team Up To Create Produce Box Delivery Service: ‘CV Harvest Box’

Locals Team Up To Create Produce Box Delivery Service: ‘CV Harvest Box’

Nico Payne

During this pandemic, two local guys had a great idea to help and educate people when it came to fresh produce. After a few conversations, CV Harvest Box was created and is now the only produce box service that is available for delivery here in the Coachella Valley.

The idea behind CV Harvest Box came from one local restaurant owner and one local farmer, the two together plan to help local farmers by selling their produce and delivering it. Giving customers a real farm to table experience.

“I was talking about watching the grocery stores and how everyone was touching things right in the beginning of the pandemic and mark was sharing a story about the farmers that he knows, had a lot of product. so we kind of just thought maybe we should start a company that delivers fresh produce to people’s homes,” said Tony Marchese, Co-founder of CV Harvest Box.

And that is exactly what CV Harvest box is doing, they have a team that unpacks and sorts the produce before it’s repacked and prepared for their delivery drivers.

“When we arrive at the pick-up location, the boxes are already packed for us, we have no contact with the contents of the box. everything is already packaged and ready to go. but we really don’t have a lot of contact with the anybody, we ring the doorbell and leave and it’s pretty quick and easy,” explained Tara Hinchen, Delivery Driver for CV Harvest Box.

At $40 a box customers can try fresh produce that is grown locally with varieties that change throughout the season.

“I feel like there is a good value in the box, especially since you get such a good variety like the living herbs is something pricey in the stores. Also the opportunity to have produce that I normally wouldn’t buy,” said Darci Cotton who is a customer.

CV Harvest is also working with Alianza, a non-profit organization to donate produce and help people in rural areas.

And for people who may be on the fence about trying local produce boxes, one of the co-founders had this to say,

“If you look at the box and you say to yourself oh, well maybe I don’t like that, my suggestion is to give it a try because maybe you’ve never had it this fresh, plus every week, it’s like a surprise, you get to open the box and see what kind of cool stuff that’s been harvested fresh here in our Coachella Valley,” said Mark Tadros, Co-founder of CV Harvest Box.

For more information on how to order your local CV Harvest Box you can visit https://www.cvharvestbox.com/

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