Locals Hold Anti-Mask Protest in Cathedral City

Nico Payne

As the number of positive coronavirus cases continues to soar, a new question is now becoming a growing debate, to mask or not to mask? As coronavirus numbers continue to rise across the country, a new debate has been sparked, whether or not to wear a mask.

This past week, Governor Newsom pleading for Californians to adhere to public health guidelines, but local demonstrators disagree with Newsom.

“I respect our governor, he is our governor, but as well we are here peacefully disagreeing with him to give him an understanding that you know people are here peacefully to voice their opinion and we need him to listen to all people,” said David Desmarais and anti-mask protestor.

After record case numbers, Governor Newsom issued a statewide mandate to wear masks while out in public. But before the mandate pro mask demonstrators and anti-mask protestors clashed over wearing masks in public, at and orange county city council meeting.

Pro mask demonstrators and anti-mask protestors clashed over wearing masks in public.

“We go to work every day to help those who need us.’

“I honestly feel like we’ve created this new prejudice — those who wear a mask, those who don’t, they’re out to get me,” expressed both sides.

Back here in the Coachella Valley demonstrators say they want their voices to be heard and the right to choose.

“We’re just here to pretty much show people that we should have our right as Americans, our first amendment right to protest and above it all our right to choose,” explained Desmarais.

The demonstrators that we spoke to, tell us they plan on moving to other locations possible evening heading to downtown palm springs throughout the day.

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