Palm Springs Strengthens Face Covering Order; Citations Can Be Issued

Palm Springs Strengthens Face Covering Order; Citations Can Be Issued

Nico Payne

The city of Palm Springs has issued a stronger order when it comes to face coverings. People will now have to wear a face mask when outdoors near business establishments and now even when working out in a gym.

As this new order came on Wednesday, many started to question, will it be enforced? And how? Across the state, fines are set to be issued, and here locally a plea for people to wear their masks correctly.

Governor Newsom also debuted a new public service announcement saying it’s time for Californians to get serious about wearing masks.

“We’re walking around and I would say more than 50 percent of people in palm springs is not wearing a mask,” said Janet, visiting from Los Angeles

To combat that, Palm Springs issued a new order making it mandatory to wear masks outside even when hiking or doing other activities.

“If you’re out on the streets next to a business, you’re going to have to wear it to because we have situations where people can congregate outside of business, for example waiting on a reservation to go into a restaurant,” said David Ready, City Manager with Palm Springs.

“I find it’s the younger people, the age group 30-40 that are not wearing the mask, they have them in their hand or hanging around their neck, but when we are on the sidewalks it’s almost impossible to stay six feet sometimes so you definitely need to have a mask on,” said Nancy Lafrachr who lives in Palm Springs.

Some think the new order is great, but it doesn’t mean anything if it’s not enforced.

“I do believe that the police should be taking more steps towards our safety, it’s not enough that they just drive down palm canyon drive, they should be probably walking and giving tickets to the people that are not wearing any masks,” said Susie Harmoni, resident of Palm Springs

And city leaders agree.

“If there is a willful refusal, they will be subject to a citation and a fine, and it could be ranging anywhere from $250 dollars all the way up to $5000 depending upon the situation,” explained Ready.

City officials also tell me that they are working with all hotels and vacation rentals posting signage letting visitors know that face coverings are required in Palm Springs.

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