Residents Face Scheduled Power Outage

Residents Face Scheduled Power Outage

Nico Payne

A scheduled power outage in desert hot springs affected many households this weekend, this comes valley residents experience extreme temperatures.

The Coachella Valley is facing record temperatures that could reach the 120’s, add that to a pandemic that has forced many people to stay in their homes for months, and electricity becomes an essential part of everyone’s lives.

But one Desert Hot Springs resident received a text message this past week of a scheduled power outage and questions why it would happen now?

“I just don’t like the idea of your doing it now. why in the summer, why now when it’s going to be the hottest time of the year. this Saturday, 116 and Sunday 118, it’s too hot. do it during a better time like the winter,” said Edward G. Johnson of Desert Hot Springs.

Southern California Edison does provide a map of current outages in the area and explains that these critical maintenance outages happen to allow crews to safely perform upgrades and maintenance.

As the valley experiences these extreme temperatures, cooling centers are an important way for residents to escape the heat. But while Riverside County has fifteen locations, The Coachella Valley only has four and none in Desert Hot Springs.

“It’s kind of tough because the cooling center in Desert Hot Springs is not open. So what am I going to do? That’s a choice I have to make,” explained Johnson

This leaves residents like Johnson forced to prepare for the situation on their own.

“I did go out to the store this morning to buy some ice, stuck it in my freezer to keep the freezer cold with the food that’s in it,” added Johnson.

And to come up with creative ways to stay cool.

“I’m just going to stay here as long as I can, if I have to I’ll get in my car, cruise around and use the air conditioning. like I said don’t do it in the summertime…do it in the wintertime, do it when it’s not as hot. I was surprised they were going to continue today,” said Johnson.

The only four cooling centers open this weekend are at Martha’s Village and Kitchen, The Coachella Valley Rescue Mission, Well In The Desert, and The Coachella Senior Center.

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