School Districts Plan for Online Learning

School Districts Plan for Online Learning

Nico Payne

School districts across the valley are getting a better understanding of how this new school year will start. Distance learning seems to be the options for most schools, some districts saying distance learning will be an option for the remainder of the school year.

After many meetings and much planning, school districts in Coachella Valley have decided to begin the year with online classes.

“Our board of education approved a proposal for all students to begin in a distance learning platform with a transition to a hybrid in-class distance learning program once conditions allow,” said Dr. Sandra Lyon, Superintendent of Palm Springs Unified School District.

Palm Springs Unified School District also making it clear that once the hybrid model starts, it will be optional.

“The distance learning option will remain an option for the entire school year, the phase-in approach to this program would likely mean that we would begin with bringing back some groups of students first.”

PSUSD has also released sample schedules on their website of what online distance learning and hybrid learning will look like, though they have not been finalized.

Desert Sands Unified School District will be following suit beginning with online learning and moving to a hybrid model at a date to be determined. Their board meetings have been heavily centered on strict safety measures including wearing face coverings and social distancing.

The Coachella Valley Unified School Districts will be holding a public forum via Zoom on July 14th to discuss their options for re-opening schools.

PSUSD officials acknowledged that distance learning in the spring was tough, but assured that changes will be made and programs will be more robust

“We will have all of our students engaged with their teachers and live instruction daily along with independent lessons, assignments, and projects along with the district guidelines.”

For more information on each school district you can follow the links below:

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