Congressman Ruiz Fights for Equity in Future COVID Vaccine Distribution

Congressman Ruiz Fights for Equity in Future COVID Vaccine Distribution

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“I am going to raise hell if that’s the scenario,” says Congressman Raul Ruiz (D-36), he’s not mincing words when it comes to equity in the future of the coronavirus vaccine distribution.

He says he will not accept the vaccine going to the highest bidder and met with pharma make this clear he met with pharmaceutical companies to make this clear, “I told them that we need a public health approach to the distribution of vaccines that’s fair, that’s effective and that prioritizes the people that needs them the most.” 

Under Operation Warp Speed, the government program that’s investing $10 billion in the development and production of a COVID vaccine to deliver millions of doses to the Americans by January, the companies will give the shipments to the government for distribution.

The NIH director Francis Collins says he’s is already foreseeing skepticism  in equity, “I think are uneasy in the government calling the shots here.”

Advisory groups have been set up to help with the decision of who goes first and what factors should be considered.

“Clearly the vulnerable the going to be if not the top priority one of the top priorities,” says Dr. Robert Redfield, director for the CDC. 

According to the CDC, 38 percent of people in Riverside County have underlying health conditions that would put them at higher risk of dying if they become infected with the virus.
Ruiz says if the vaccine is not prioritized by heath and need it would be detrimental to all, “That’s going to prolong the pandemic it’s going to hurt further our economy, it’s going to lead to more lives lost,” adding that pharmaceutical companies must use their own stockpile to fill the gap.
He says front-line workers, the elderly and the most vulnerable must be first in line to get the coronavirus vaccine, “Regardless of their economic status, or titles, or status in society because what matters here is that we save lives and beat this virus.” 


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