Outdoor Art Walk Hosted for Local Vendors

Outdoor Art Walk Hosted for Local Vendors

Nico Payne

People can now shop local vendors at the flat black art walk happening outside at the Westfield mall in Palm Desert. Local vendors set up shop just out front of the mall with white tents and misters, and organizers tell me this event is a way to help small businesses who are struggling.

Flat Black Art Walk organizers have worked with Westfield mall and held events indoors in years past, but this year they had to adapt because of the pandemic, and some quick thinking resulted in the event being held outside.

“They’re all small business, so they haven’t ventured out entirely just yet, they’re just beginning. so we’re offering that first step to being able to venture out and be known in the community,” said Laura Salcido, Event Organizer of Flat Black Art Walk.

All vendors are welcome, but because of social distancing guidelines, space is limited which may put you on a waiting list.

“We saw it on Instagram, the art walk because we’ve been to it before. so we decided to contact them and then we decided to show up,” explained Janet Sixtos, Vendor, Jadilizz Designs.

Sixtos started this small business with her sister and says with there designs they hope to help people forget about their worries.

“How they react when they see our things it’s nice because it kind of makes them forget a little bit or not focus too much on what’s going on,” said Sixtos.

The art walk will run for the entire month of august during weekends and vendors will be rotated, organizers say they hope to extend this event even further.

“This will go on actually for the month of September, October, November, as long as we are given the green light, we’ll just continue it actually throughout the end of the year,” added Salcido.

“You have a lot of big competition with big known jewelry makers so it’s harder for us to really get out there, definitely being out here brings in more people that don’t even know about this kind of business,” said Joi Everdeen, Vendor, DNA Jewelry Collection.

To be apart of the Flat Black Art Walk all you have to do is reach out to them on Facebook or Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/flatblack_artwalk/?hl=en

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