Uber and Lyft Services Safe For Now, Judge Grants Emergency Stay

Uber and Lyft Services Safe For Now, Judge Grants Emergency Stay

Nico Payne

Ridesharing companies Uber and Lyft are safe from services halting in California, at least for now. The companies have been granted a temporary reprieve delaying and order that would have forced them to reclassify drivers.

On one end of the spectrum, Lyft and Uber drivers sharing their frustration, on the other end, taxi drivers tell NBC Palm Springs that the companies brought this on themselves and have been disrupting the taxi industry for a long time.

Rideshare companies Uber and Lyft were bracing fora shutdown at midnight on Thursday. This stemming from an ongoing lawsuit to reclassify drivers in the state as employees rather than independent contractors.

“It is b-s, it upsets me, you know, I have no problem with us being an independent contractor,” said Jason Glenn, Uber, and Lyft Driver.

“They did it to themselves, they’re breaking the labor laws. it’s because they are acting like and employer, what they are doing is collecting all the money and they are issuing it out. taxi cab drivers we don’t do that. we collect the money and we pay a lease,” explained Donald who is a long time taxi driver.

Cab drivers say they have been affected by ride-sharing companies for quite some time, hoping this might be an opportunity for more business.

“Hopefully it’s going to give us a boost in business, so we’re basically just waiting to see what’s actually going to happen,” said Terry Tapp, Taxi Driver.

The order lays out new deadlines for both companies, Both CEOs must submit implementation plans to comply with the law within 30 days by September 4th if their ballot initiative does not pass.

“Our passengers who rely on us for work, for medical appointments, we hope that we can be independent contractors because it allows us so much flexibility,” said Dianne Chino, Lyft Driver.

In November, Californians will vote on Proposition 22, it’s sponsored by the rideshare companies, and if passed, it would allow Uber and Lyft drivers to remain as independent contractors.

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