Doc Moves to Philly, NFL has new COVID-19 Protocols

Doc Moves to Philly, NFL has new COVID-19 Protocols

Brandy Flores

Former LA Clippers head coach Doc Rivers has already moved on to another team. Earlier today, doc agreed to a five-year deal with the Philadelphia 76ers. Despite not making it to the conference finals like everyone predicted this year…doc rivers left the clippers as the franchise’s most successful coach. In seven seasons, Doc led the clippers to a record of 356-208, winning 63% of their regular-season games – the fifth-best record in the NBA.

The Minnesota Vikings reported having no positive test results, they were able to resume practice and prepare for their matchup against the Texans this Sunday. However, the Titans reported to having five players and 6 staff test positive for coronavirus, so they are still shut down. Their game against the Steelers that was initially postponed to this following Monday or Tuesday, has now been postponed to a later date.

As a result of this, the NFL has implemented new protocols for all teams exposed to coronavirus. The most notable protocols include:

– Two tests: traditional PCR (nasal swab) & POC (point of care)

– All tier 1 and tier 2 employees must test negative on the POC test before entering the facility.

PPE and face masks must be worn by all players and coaches on the practice field

– Gloves must be worn by everyone except quarterbacks on their throwing hand.

– All meetings must be virtual

– Required daily deep cleanings of facilities

– No team or player gatherings away from the facility

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