Cathedral City District 2 candidates discuss rentals, local economy

Olivia Sandusky

There are two candidates vying for votes in Cathedral City’s District 2.

Those candidates are Nancy Ross and JR Corrales.

Neither are currently on the council, as Mayor Aguilar is not seeking re-election.

On Sunday, Nancy Ross joined supporters in Cathedral City to shake signs and wave to voters.

Ross says her 30 years of experience in various fields separates her from her opponent.

“I served for six years as the director for ACLU. I have written grants and 501(c)(3)s and traveled across the nation speaking about civil rights. In 2001,  I was asked to speak at the White House, so this has kind of been my thing, speaking up for others for a long, long time,” said Ross.

Ross has lived with her husband in Cathedral City for 5 years full-time.

She is currently endorsed by the Cathedral City Fire and Police departments.

Ross says, if elected, she wants to help the city recover financially and emotionally from COVID-19.

“It’s beginning to affect our city psychologically, as well. So, people are now fearful to take immunizations, and maybe they don’t want their kids to ever go back to school, and kids are feeling forlorn that they might be held back a year. We have to get passed, obviously, no more deaths and saving lives. But, then we’re going to have to address what’s almost a PTSD,” said Ross. 

Ross says she is a great collaborator and will be able to give the community the resources it needs to recover.

The other candidate in the race is JR Corrales.

Corrales is endorsed by current council members Mark Carnevale and Ernesto Gutierrez.

At 38 years old, he feels he is the best candidate to represent District 2 because he can offer a young, fresh perspective.

“My district is a large Hispanic community, working class, lots of families involved. I am married with three kids, and I felt that city council needed someone that represented their community in there to give a voice to those who many not necessarily attend council meetings,” said Corrales. 

Corrales runs a personal training business called Premier Fitness and has lived in Cathedral City since the age of 7.

As a local business owner, Corrales says he understands the needs of his community, and will be able to help the city come back from the devastation the pandemic has caused.

If elected, also Corrales has a long list of agenda items he would like to accomplish.

“Bringing a specific part of our city budget to our own infrastructure, taking care of our youth, taking care of our citizens and making sure that we bridge the gap between our public service officers and this community. It’s a huge, huge thing that we need to deal with,” said Corrales. 

While both candidates have several differences in their platforms and background, one thing they both agreed on was short-term rentals.

“Our city council voted to restrict it in R1 and R2 neighborhoods and I support that decision,” said Ross. 

Corrales says he believes the council made the right decision as well.

“I agree 100 percent with council at this moment. It’s the right thing to do, it’s what the city wants,” said Corrales. 

Both candidates appear on the ballot for the local election on Nov. 3.

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