Welcome to Blumhouse: “Evil Eye” Cast Interview

Welcome to Blumhouse: “Evil Eye” Cast Interview

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First of all, I love the cast of “Evil Eye” from the “Welcome to Blumhouse” anthology series.  Beginning with Sarita Choudhury as the protective mom Usha Kharti and her daughter Sunita Mani played by Sunita Manita.  Omar Maskati played the mysterious Sandeep and not included in the interview was the fantastic Bernard White as the patriarch.  And second, the film is an intriguing supernatural story masquerading as a domestic drama.

We talked about their interest in making the movie and if they believe in the supernatural.   Oh, and they told me I was their spirit guide.  Awwww.

“Evil Eye” arrives on Amazon Prime on October 13th and for my complete interviews with the cast, click here.

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