CVUSD and DSUSD to Offer Citizenship Classes

CVUSD and DSUSD to Offer Citizenship Classes

Taylor Martinez

Coachella Valley Unified School District and Desert Sands Unified School District have partnered to offer Citizenship classes starting on November 6th via Zoom distance learning.

“The citizenship class gives you that extra help you need to stay motivated and do well with the interview. Professor Lawrence Salas has been teaching for many years and does his job with patience and dedication. He understands, just like everyone, that the citizenship class ensures that this country will open its doors to the most honest and noble people.  I thank those who have the power to decide to allow us to prepare to achieve our dream: to be American citizens,” says Arizbet Carreon, a Citizenship Class student who is eager to return to in person instruction at Eisenhower Learning Center. 

Students are guided through 100 question study guides ranging from topics such as government, history and English; taught the responsibilities and benefits associated with their American citizenship and notified of the items they will need to submit their citizenship application. 

When approved to return to in person instruction, the class will be held at Eisenhower Learning Center in Indio.  


Class details are:

-Start Date November 6th, 2020

– Class days: Friday

– Class time: 8:30am-11:00am

– Location: Zoom distance learning


To apply you need:

– Application – N -400 (20 Pages)

– Three (3) copies of social security card and Permanent Resident Card

– Check for $725.00 check made out to U.S. Department of Homeland Security

– 2 photos of yourself (2×2 inches)

To sign up you can call 760-398-6302 or visit

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