Coachella Election Results

Coachella Election Results

Taylor Martinez

Three seats are being filled for the City of Coachella, Mayor and two City Council seats.

Currently, Steven Hernandez is Mayor, Emmanuel Martinez is Mayor Pro Tem and Philip Bautista, Megan Beaman Jacinto and Josie Gonzalez are Council Members.

The seats currently filled by Emmanuel Martinez and Philip Bautista are the two seats new candidates are vying for.

Here are the results for these races as of Thursday 11/12/20 10:30am:

*These are projected winners, votes are still being counted


– Steven Hernandez — 3,955

– Lesly Figueroa — 3,431


City Council

– Denise Delgado — 3,409

– Emmanuel Martinez — 2,698

– Neftali Galarza — 2,690

– Philip Bautista — 1,285

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