Deadline to opt out of DSUSD hybrid model is Nov. 10, other district updates

Deadline to opt out of DSUSD hybrid model is Nov. 10, other district updates

Olivia Sandusky

Local school districts have spent a majority of the year developing trying to adapt to the pandemic.

As reopening tiers change every month, the task hasn’t been an easy one to take on.

In Desert Sands Unified, there has been an ongoing dispute between parents and the district about the proposed hybrid model.

Now, the district says all students will be enrolled in the hybrid model, unless they opt out by the end of Nov. 10.

“And what hybrid looks like is really the question on a lot of parent’s minds that the district really isn’t giving clear answers to. Right now there is no official schedule for middle and high school, it is still with the union being negotiated, but parents are asked to pick if they would like the hybird model,” said Rhea Hoffman, a parent at DSUSD. 

Parents can find information about how to opt out here. 

The district says they can’t provide certain details about the schedule until they know how many families want to remain in distance learning.

“We understand parent concerns completely. It’s a, certainly, difficult decision for parents to make, and we totally understand how they’re trying to look at every aspect of this. It is whether or not you feel comfortable having your child physically located in the school with other students or if you prefer to keep them in the distance learning model,” said Mary Perry, a spokesperson for DSUSD.

As the deadline approaches, Rhea Hoffman says the lack of information is unfair to parents.

“I would want them to push this deadline back until parents have information,” said Rhea. 

Palm Springs Unified had a similar deadline for parents to opt out of the hybrid model.

That date has passed, and 30 percent of parents decided to not send their students back for any form of in-person instruction this school year.

The district says they may consider allowing students who have chosen to opt out back to class if they desire, but those plans have not been finalized.

Palm Springs has their next board meeting on Nov. 10 at 6 pm.

And in Coachella Valley Unified Sschool District, the district has a meeting planned virtually at 6 pm on Nov. 10 to discuss their hybrid model.

After the meeting, parents will be asked to select which program they want their students to follow.

They have an entire week, so they have from Nov. 10 to Nov 17 to be able to select whether they want to remain in distance learning or if they want to move into the hybrid model,” said Lissette Santiago, the community engagement manager with CVUSD. 

Parents can access the form by logging onto their portals.

The link to the CVUSD forum can be found here. 

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