Accomplice Being Charged with Murder in Desert Hot Springs Home-Invasion

Accomplice Being Charged with Murder in Desert Hot Springs Home-Invasion

Nico Payne

An update on the Desert Hot Springs home invasion which turned deadly which we first reported on November 18th. An alleged accomplice in the burglary has now been charged with murder, even though he did not pull the trigger.

When we first reported this case, we knew that a resident inside the home had opened fire on an intruder. Now we are learning that the intruder had an accomplice who police say fled the scene…but is now being held responsible for his accomplice’s death.

“Were best friends with our neighbors, all of them, and stuff doesn’t happen like that, at least not in this neighborhood, down the road yeah,” said Paris Valentino, Desert Hot Springs Resident.

Neighbors say they’re shocked, not just because someone was killed, but because someone who did not pull the trigger is being charged.

It’s called The Felony Murder Rule, a rarely used California law.

“You don’t usually hear about two suspects, two subjects involved in a crime and one of them dies and the other one gets charged with it,” said Deputy Chief Steven Shaw with Desert Hot Springs Police Department.

On that Wednesday two men entered the home on Hacienda Heights Drive.

“Those two individuals, one of them is deceased that was at the scene, that was shot by the resident of that house, the second individual was Nathan Alger,” explained Shaw.

Alger was taken into custody the evening after the shooting, officials explain how he is being charged with the death of his companion.

“The individual that did die at the scene, that was from a resident that lived in the house there. but California law does allow that if you have a felony that has been taking place and there is more than one participant in that felony or even just an individual, and there’s a death as a result of that, even though that death could be one of the suspects, and it could be at the hands of the other suspect or a private citizen. then that individual can be charged,” said Shaw.

We did reach out to the district attorney’s office, but they are unable to commenting on this case as it is still active.

Alger is expected to be arraigned in riverside county superior court tomorrow Wednesday, November 25th.

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