State Rolls-out CA Notify Alert System; Public Can Now Opt-in

State Rolls-out CA Notify Alert System; Public Can Now Opt-in

Nico Payne

Some may have already started to receive alerts on their cell phones that will notify you if you have been exposed to Covid-19. NBC Palm Springs breaks down what you need to know in order to take part and opt-in.

On Thursday California rolled out a voluntary tool people could use on their smartphones, alerting users if they have been exposed to Coronavirus. It’s called CA Notify, a pilot system program that California universities have been taking part in.

“No one knows it was you. the system doesn’t tell anyone who you’ve been in contact with. you don’t have to use your name, you don’t have to expose your email or your cell phone number to anybody,” said Katherine Kim with UC Davis School of Medicine.

Governor Gavin Newsom explained earlier this week that this app does not trace people, keeping people’s information anonymous.

“I remind you it’s 100% private, 100% secure, 100%voluntary. you opt-in, or you choose not to. and there is no tracking data, no location data that is shared whatsoever,” said Newsom.

To opt-in, i-phone users can go to their settings, scroll down to exposure notifications, and hit continue. Android users can download the ca covid notify app from the Google Play store.

 Local residents getting testing in Rancho Mirage Friday morning received the alert and say it’s a good tool for serious times.

“I think they are more alert today than they have been, I think they realize the seriousness of the situation so everybody is doing their part to try and make it better,” said William Yates, Rancho Mirage Resident.

Others getting tested simply wanted to get cleared to return to school.

“I go to college and unfortunately one of our classmates came positive so in order for us to return to school we have to all get tested,” said Holly Wade, Palm Desert Resident.

“I think it’s a wise thing to do. you just have to keep repeating, repeating, repeating, and eventually, the people will get the message,” added Yates.

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