Relief Bill Reaction; Many Say It’s Too Little, Too Late

Relief Bill Reaction; Many Say It’s Too Little, Too Late

Nico Payne

The financial help that many have been waiting for is finally here, but is it enough, and will we be seeing more? NBC Palm Springs has reaction from local political leaders and residents that stress more aid is needed.

“I think this will take us through the recovery,” said Steven Mnuchin, United States Secretary of Treasury.

“Anyone who thinks this bill is enough doesn’t know what’s going on in America,” said Sen. Chuck Schumer, Senate Minority Leader. 

Local political leaders are pointing out how dire the situation is for people out of work.

“Many of our small business owners are on the verge of losing their business, the unemployed are on the verge of losing their unemployment insurance enhancement. families are struggling, we are desperate in getting our kids back to a safe school,” said Dr. Raul Ruiz, U.S. Representative, 36th District.

Lawmakers say after 8 months, it’s disappointing how little there is for working families, but how much there is for President Trump’s pet projects.

“I think it’s a crying shame that they would wait till after Christmas, I mean $600 dollars is not a lot, but when you have nothing, it’s a lot,” said Sandra Goeppner, Palm Springs Resident.

Local Business owners say they can’t help compare the aid people are getting in other countries.

“I have friends in other countries, not in the United States, like Canada, Australia. They have been taking 5-6 grand or four thousand dollars every single month since the beginning of the pandemic. I think when you tell me to stay home, I should get the same amount of money I used to make before,” said Rami, Owner of Let’s Smoke.

To some, more direct aid would just be a smarter investment.

“1200 was better but look at some countries, they’ve been providing some insularly income every month. helping people get through it. that is a good investment versus letting people get desperate and starve and get kicked out of their homes,” said Eric Gibson, traveling from Lubbock, Texas.

Lawmakers say much more aid is still needed to help pay for things like first responders and teachers.

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