New California Laws Take Effect; What You Need To Know

New California Laws Take Effect; What You Need To Know

Nico Payne

As we begin 2021 a set of new laws regarding Covid-19, minimum wage, sick leave, and distracted driving go into effect.

A potential Covid-19 exposure notification will require all employers to promptly notify employees and local public health officials of potential coronavirus exposure. Under this law, Cal-OSHA will also have the authority to shut down a worksite.

Next up is a minimum wage increase, local attorney Amir Afsar shares his view on how minimum wage is trending upwards.

“If you had less than 25 employees, the minimum wage was $12, now it’s going to be 13 and if you had more than 25, I should say 26 or greater, it was 13 and it’s going to 14, so minimum wage is ticking up,” said Afsar.

Adding to the list is distracted driving, harsher penalties will soon take effect for those paying attention at the wheel.”

“Effective July 1, 2021, so not right away but kind of in the mid-point of the next year, any second violation for distracted driving infraction will count as a point. the second one, if it happens in 36 month period, that one is going to cost you a point on your license which will increase your insurance rates,” added Afsar.

Another law will be taking effect after Prop. 17 was passed, which will restore voting rights for those convicted of a crime.

“Felons are given their right to vote back once they’ve completed their sentence, they did the crime, they did the time, and now they get their right to vote back,” said Afsar.

For a list of all new laws for 2021 you can visit

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