Another Round of CalFresh benefits expected to land Sunday

Another Round of CalFresh benefits expected to land Sunday

Taylor Martinez

Another round of emergency CaFresh benefits is expected to land this weekend for Riverside County residents.

Riverside County residents who receive CalFresh assistance can expect to see the state add extra benefits to their Electronic Benefits Transfer cards on Sunday.

The state has issued $128 million in emergency food benefits to 75,000 households in Riverside County since the pandemic began ten months ago. 

Sunday’s distribution is the eleventh emergency distribution during the pandemic.

CalFresh improves the health and wellbeing of low-income children and adult recipients by providing them with assistance to obtain nutritious food. 

The benefits also support local economies by generating tens of millions of dollars annually for local grocers and eateries countywide.

Qualified households can be eligible for the maximum CalFresh benefit during the pandemic. For example, a household of two that typically receives $53 benefits could be temporarily eligible for the monthly maximum $374.

 “We’re in a very difficult time when each dollar counts. These benefits help struggling families and seniors maintain a healthy diet and an overall better state of wellbeing,” said Allison Gonzalez, assistant director of Self-Sufficiency at the Riverside County Department of Public Social Services.

Members of the public are encouraged to see if they qualify for benefits by applying at, the C4Yourself mobile app or calling the DPSS Customer Service Center at 1-877-410-8827.

This information is directly from the Riverside County Department of Public Social Services

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