Law Enforcement Leaders React To Security Failure At The U.S. Capitol Building

Law Enforcement Leaders React To Security Failure At The U.S. Capitol Building

Nico Payne

As people recall yesterday’s frightening moments, something many are questioning is capitol security, and why weren’t they prepared? NBC Palm Springs spoke to experts on what led to this failure at what is supposed to be one of the world’s most secure buildings.

“It’s clear to me that the police were, uh, outnumbered and they apparently, underestimated the strength of the of violence in that crowd and overestimated their ability to control the crowd. we failed. we did not secure the capitol and people need to be held responsible and explain what went on,” said Terrance Gainer, Former Chief of U.S. Capitol Police.

Officials are saying yesterday’s event was no secret and shouldn’t have been a surprise to law enforcement. It was widely covered online and from Trump-supporting social media accounts.

“And you understand protestors are coming well in advance, that is a gift to law enforcement to really dig in the weeds and plan accordingly,” said Bryan Reyes, Chief of Police of Palm Springs.

That’s why elected officials are condemning the lack of action from capitol law enforcement.

“Why were they overwhelmed? everyone knew this was going to happen,” explained Representative Karen Bass of California.

Many are wondering why just 52 people were arrested, compared to largely peaceful protests during President Trump’s inauguration.

At that time, 234 were arrested and charged with felony rioting. Some were facing up to 70 years in jail.

We spoke to former FBI Special Agent Dr. Erroll Southers. He says there may be more arrests to come.

“They will use facial recognition software, every square foot of that landscape is covered by closed-circuit TV, let’s hope that they go back, do the investigation,” explained Southers.

Palm Springs Chief of Police Bryan Reyes has experience with large events in Palm Springs.

“We all saw what occurred, and it should not have unraveled the way it did, as quickly as it did. Clearly, planning was a factor,” said Reyes.

Mayor Murial Bowser is now calling for D-C statehood, saying it would have been easier for her to call in the national guard instead of having to wait for layers of bureaucracy. 

In light of the widespread security disaster, The Capitol Police Chief and House Sergeant At Arms have now resigned.

Other lawmakers calling for a complete investigation into the failures.

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