La Quinta Residents Request Extension on Short Term Vacation Rental Moratorium

La Quinta Residents Request Extension on Short Term Vacation Rental Moratorium

Taylor Martinez

A group of La Quinta residents, referred to as “Neighbors for Neighborhoods,” took to City Hall Tuesday to request an extension on the City’s Short Term Rental moratorium which currently goes through February 2, 2021.

To get their plea across the group submitted a “vision.’


“The vision proposes an integrated plan to reinvigorate the post COVID economy by developing the Silver Rock Resort and Signature at PGA West, replenishing our depleted housing inventory and solving the ‘nightly’ Short Term Vacation Rental problem,” reads a statement from the group.

As of January 8, 2021 there are 1,292 active STVR permits and five suspended STVR permits.

The issues “Neighbors for Neighborhoods” lists in their proposal are listed here:

– Safety and stability of neighborhoods (no background checks on the constant turnover of transient renters)

– Noise, trash, parking problems, threats and harassment

– Local residents are forced to be first responders. We subsidize outside investment with out labor, taxes and diminished quality of life.

– Entire neighborhoods becoming tourist zones

– Drain on City staff who are overworked and cannot attend to local residents’ issues

– Transient visitors have no stake in our community. They come for a resort experience.

– Increased enforcement costs for our city paid for by local residents’ taxes

– Exacerbate housing crisis. Rapido loss of affordable housing pricing out middle class workers in our community.

– Detract from hotel occupancy and hotel TOT

– Outside investors take money out of our community (only 30% of STVR are locally owned)

– Local businesses struggle as their residential customer base is reduced. Transient renters purchase most of their goods out of the area so that local government taxes fall.

The group also offered possible solutions, these are listed from their proposal:

– Allow Bed and Breakfast facilities which are owner occupied and require special regulations in Residential Districts.

– Allow owner occupied Home Shares

– Allow whole-home short-term rentals in HOA neighborhoods that expressly allow them

– Build more commercial STVR communities like Legacy at locations such as Silver Rock

– Phase out whole-home short-term rentals in residential districts

– Offer a program to help phased out STVR owners like PD

– Market housing to telecommuters to relocate to LQ

The proposal ends stating, “Please extend the moratorium on STVR license permits past the February deadline so we can work together to find solutions.”

The City is expected to address the topic at the next City Council meeting on January 19.

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