New Vaccination Site Opens At Palm Springs Convention Center

New Vaccination Site Opens At Palm Springs Convention Center

Nico Payne

A new vaccination site is set to open at The Palm Springs Convention Center today. County and city leaders spoke about vaccine capacity and what they anticipate as far as acquiring an appointment.

“This effort here is critical, I want to thank once again the advocacy that came from your city,” said V. Manuel Perez, Riverside County Board of Supervisors, District 4.

As officials welcomed the new site opening Friday, they also addressed the prioritization of vaccination essential workers.

“There are individuals that unfortunately have not been vaccinated that should be vaccinated, and I have a study here from the University of California San Francisco which indicates that there is a 40% higher chance of individuals that work within certain industries of dying as a result of covid. Those individuals are farmworkers, those individuals are grocery store workers.”

City leaders say because this site will be operated by Curative, they don’t anticipate any mass online scheduling problems.

“They have their own website and we’ll be using that for people to enroll, obviously there is other ways to enroll if you cant go online, but we are really hopeful that this will be a smooth process,” said Christy Holstege, Mayor of Palm Springs 

People who need help securing an appointment can call 2-1-1, where someone from the county will help make an appointment for you. And when it comes to securing a second appointment, officials say don’t expect a confirmed date at the time of your first dose.

“What we encourage people to do is to call back to that same clinic, that pharmacy, that hospital, or that vaccination site closer to the time when you’re due for that second dose and that can be anywhere between 21 days and 42 days if you had Pfizer, or 28 days to 42 days for Moderna,” said Dr. Geoffrey Leung, Ambulatory Medical Director with Riverside County.

Again starting tomorrow they expect to vaccinate up to 350 people, I’m told appoint were full within an hour, but come Monday the county will increase that number to 500 making room for more appointments.

For more information on vaccines and to book an appointment you can visit

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