Local And State Leaders React To New Immigration Legislation

Local And State Leaders React To New Immigration Legislation

Nico Payne

The White House announced a sweeping immigration bill, it would shorten the path to citizenship from 13 to 8 years for immigrants who arrived by January 1st, 2021. It would also lift hurdles for workers to legally immigrate to America, expand the Diversity-visa Program and change the word “alien” in law with “non-citizen”.

The bill’s going to need some Republican support, about 10 votes in the senate. That will be difficult so some proponents are open to passing sections of the bill as stand-alone legislation. NBC Palm Springs has reactions from local and state leaders on what is to come.

“I am proud to join Senator Menedez and all the co-sponsors on this legislation to restore humanity to our immigration system and give everyone a shot at achieving the American dream,” said Alex Padilla, Senator of California.

California leaders speaking at a virtual press conference announcing new immigration legislation highlighting the struggles of migrants, and the promising prospects of this new bill.

“As chair of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus and on behalf of all 38 members, C-H-C is committed to passing immigration reform that will provide many essential workers and tax-paying immigrants and earned pathway to citizenship and allows them to fully contribute to our society,” said Congressman Dr. Raul Ruiz, representing the 36th district.

Local leaders have worked tirelessly for years sharing what this means for many valley residents who have lived in fear.

“This morning we got another call of another farmworker family that lost both parents due to covid, that feared even going to the doctor because they wanted their green card that Biden was promising, and they knew that Biden was going to deliver but they are not going to be able to see that green card. we’re not going to stop until we actually get immigration reform for all the 11 million immigrants that have lived in fear,” explained Luz Gallegos, Community Program Director with Todec.

Senators across the country also joining the conversation, saying our essential workers have worked hard throughout the pandemic and this legislation represents a step in the right direction.

“We’ve now seen a year of our immigrant community on the front line, they’re the ones driving the buses, they’re the ones in the schools on the front line and working in the convenience stores, and if people were not grateful for our immigrant community before, they better be now,” said Amy Klobuchar, Senator of Minnesota.

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