High School Sports Are Coming Back THIS 2020-2021 School Year

High School Sports Are Coming Back THIS 2020-2021 School Year

Brandy Flores

It is very possible that we are going to see outdoor sports in the valley. Riverside county’s case-rate number for COVID-19 is currently at 16.6 per 100,000 (As of 2/24). The state’s department of health said last week that in order for organized outdoor sports to play the county must be at 14 cases per 100,000.

So, that number 16.6 is extremely promising, especially for high school sports.

Below is the timeline for outdoor high school sports to return once Riverside County is below the 14 case rate.

When the county is below 14 cases per 100,000, water polo can begin immediately.

As for indoor sports, it’s not looking as promising. If sports like wrestling, volleyball, and basketball want to see a season this school year, they would have to convert to outdoors.

If they did that, here are the dates we are looking at for the return of those sports:

Now, as for football, once the county is under the 14 case rate threshold, football can begin full practices, and 14 days after the county goes under the threshold, High school football can play its first game.

The Desert Sun reported that athletic directors and coaches from the desert empire league have been meeting to create a schedule of five games.

Here are the potential dates and match-ups:

As of right now, the desert valley league does not have a schedule out for the eight teams in their league.

For the full guidelines outlining the California Department of Health’s Guidelines, CLICK HERE. 

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