NBCares 2021 Desert X Opens in the Coachella Valley

NBCares 2021 Desert X Opens in the Coachella Valley

Sandie Newton Connect

The 2021 Desert X, an open-air art exhibition, is officially open in the Coachella Valley.

The 11 installations by 13 artists cover more than 40 miles of the desert and runs from March 12 through May 16.

In this NBCares, Sandie Newton speaks with Susan Davis and features a piece titled “Never Forget.” The large bold white letters are similar to the original ‘HOLLYWOODLAND’ sign in Los Angeles and were constructed by native Alaskan artist Nicholas Galanin.

According to the desert x website, the purpose is for settler landowners to participate in the work by transferring land titles and management to local Indigenous communities.

The piece is displayed on the traditional land of the Cahuilla people who have lived in the now-named Coachella Valley area for thousands of years.

For more information about 2021 Desert X visit desertx.org.

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