SunLine Transit Resumes School Tripper Services

Nico Payne

As Desert Sands Unified gears up to return to on-campus learning tomorrow, students will have the option to ride with the Sunline Transit Agency using their school trippers service.

“Sunline has some new materials that children can use to learn more about language, transportation, and the Coachella Valley,” said Reed Alvarado, Communications Coordinator with Sunline Transit Agency.

Students heading back to school Monday will have the option of riding special routes provided by the Sunline Transit, the routes being offered early morning and mid-day.

“It has been a year of constant change brought on by covid-19 but just like this agency schools have persevered through creative solutions and digital learnings,” explained Alvarado.

Rides will be fare-free until May 2nd, both Desert Sands Unified and Palm Springs Unified will have the school tripper routes available to students as classes resume.

“This has been something that families have been waiting for, for over a year now and the kids are just excited and overwhelmed with the news of going back to school, and they just can’t wait,” said Sandra Reed, Coachella Valley Resident.

Routes for Palm Desert High School, La Quinta High School, and Shadow Hills High School are already posted online for parents and students who need to access them. Parents appreciative of the community service provided.

“It’s very important for the community to come together and help, help the community, you know help everybody, we all have to help each other,” added Reed.

And for those who may be first-time riders and a little weary of riding the bus to school, travel training is available.

“Travel training our an hour long but can be longer if needed, slots that are dedicated towards learning all the information you need to ride confidently across our system,” explained Alvarado.

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