Community Comes Together to Support a 4 Year Old Boy Battling Leukemia

Community Comes Together to Support a 4 Year Old Boy Battling Leukemia

Brandy Flores

Jameson Creiglow is four years old and battling leukemia. When his parents found out about Jameson’s diagnosis this past January, Jameson’s dad, Jeff Creiglow says that it turned their whole world upside down.

“A huge toll. I mean, we drive to Loma Linda (hospital) up to three times a week seeking further treatment. Now that he’s being treated outpatient, we’d never know what we’re going to need at any moment. We could have an ambulance here in the middle of the night, you know if he spikes a fever or something like that.” 

Jameson’s mom, Noelle Creiglow says that what keeps their family together during the tough times is Jameson’s strength and their family motto, we can do hard things.

“So that is something that we’ve taught our boys some from a very, very young age. Just anytime something would come up in our lives, just we got this, we could do hard things and it just became our motto.” 

To help the Creiglow family with anything they might need, their friends and family have put together the Strongman Jameson event. This event is happening on April 17th, and will include socially distanced events like  Walk-A-Thon or Community Workout which includes six, 15 man workout stations. There will also be a Strongman Competition.

Jeff Creiglow is a Riverside County Sheriff’s Deputy at Palm Desert, and some of the officers from his station and firemen from the local firefighters’ station will be participating in a Guns and Hoses event on the 17th. He is very proud that the community is coming together for his son.

“Meeting different people throughout the community that have shown their support and our love for Jameson is incredible.”

So what is the connection to Shadow Hills High School football program you ask? Well, the Knights head coach Alex Esquibel is a cancer survivor himself, and when a family friend told him about Jameson, Coach Esquibel wanted his football program to show their support.

Noelle Creiglow says that having all the support from the community means the world to her family.

“Oh my goodness. Incredible, it’s humbling, but it’s a lot and we’re so thankful. Very thankful.”  

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