Race to the Finish Line as Riverside County Expands Vaccine Eligibility

Race to the Finish Line as Riverside County Expands Vaccine Eligibility

Kitty Alvarado

It’s a race to eradicate COVID 19 at Riverside University Health System Medical Center.

“When people come in and they see the finish line flag there that  we’re getting to getting back to normal,” says Heather Jackson, the senior public information officer for RUHS.

The hospital pulled out all the stops to celebrate that anyone 16 and older can get the COVID vaccine in Riverside County.

“It’s a historic moment it’s no longer grandpa and grandma or just mom and dad now it’s everybody, it’s the whole family,” says Jackson. 

“What a relief, we’re welcoming and encouraging everyone to get vaccinated,” says Davalyn Tidwell, RUHS director of pharmacy. 

This makes a million more people eligible, including me. This day means I‘m a step closer to being with my family. 

The wait is finally over for Rosa Velasquez and her niece Jasmin Jimenez. This was an emotional day  for them too.  

“It’s really bittersweet,” says Velasquez.

The virus has taken so much from their family. 

“Someone in the family passed away … my grandma,” says Jimenez as she breaks down in tears.

Velasquez’s 68 year-old mom, Maria, died on December 12th, 2020, only a couple of days before the first vaccine was given in the U.S.. 

“It’s something that my mom would have encouraged us to do because she was actually waiting for the vaccine,” says Velasquez.

Getting protection from the virus that took their beloved mom and abuelita is meaningful. 

“I love her and I miss her,” says Jimenez.

“Mom this is for you, and we’re living our lives one day at a time, un dia a la vez,” says Velasquez.

All Riverside County run

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