Modernism Week returns to the valley with several safe, outdoor events

Modernism Week returns to the valley with several safe, outdoor events

Olivia Sandusky

Modernism Week has returned in the Coachella Valley from April 8 to the 18th.

The 11 day event typically features hundreds of events and draws thousands of tourists to the valley.

This year, events are limited, and are mainly outdoors and socially distanced, but alley residents are thrilled to see one of their favorite local events return.

“Modernism week is the highlight of the year. Every year,” said Brennan Pardee of Palm Springs.

Whether you’re on a guided tour at Sunnylands, or exploring a bright, mid century home, the event coordinators have promised a safe experience.

“We are having fewer events this year, and they’re all smaller capacity, safely, socially distanced timed and structured events,” said Lisa Vossler, the executive director of Modernism Week. 

In 2018, Modernism Week generated over 47 million dollars, and brought over 120 thousand visitors to the area.

This year, tickets are limited, but visitors are happy to see one of the first major in-person events return.

“It was very sad that it had to be postponed this year and it’s still back somewhat, but it’s here, and we are very excited,” said Pardee.

“In my house I‘ve got it all mid century modern and I just love the whole era and I wanted to do the tour so I could learn more about it,” said Fran Ritchie.

While some of the staples like the Show and Sale at the Convention Center won’t be returning this year, new events are being offered. 

One new free event includes a signing party with the artist Shag.

The executive director says they’re thankful for this opportunity.

“It means a lot to have the community and city’s support, and we can tell by all of the excitement in town that people are here and ready to go,” said Vossler.

And after a long year of cancelled events, visitors say it’s nice to see the valley welcoming guests and showcasing its modern style for the next ten days.

Absolutely. I know that they’re covering all of the COVID safety measures very thoroughly so I feel very comfortable. I’m even volunteering at a few events, and I also have my own tickets to go to things too. It’s like the best time of the year really,” said Pardee. 

To buy tickets or see a full list of events click here. 

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