‘Forever Marilyn’ Statue To Be Placed On Museum Way; Arrival Now Delayed

Nico Payne

A Riverside County judge has ruled that the 26-foot tall ‘Forever Marilyn’ statue can move forward with installation plans on Museum Way in Palm Springs. But because of legal proceedings and logistics, Marilyn’s arrival will be delayed.

“We’re very pleased and humbled with Judge Chapman’s ruling yesterday,” said Aftab Dada, Chairman with PS Resorts.

PS Resorts reacting to a recent court ruling making way for the Forever Marilyn Statue citing that the opposing committee did not provide sufficient evidence to show a threat of irreparable harm.

“I’m again pleading the opposition to please join us, understand we were on different sides but there is a strong ruling from the judge, and it’s time this small community that had been divided over here to ban together,” added Dada.

Those visiting Palm Springs hearing a lot of chatter about Ms. Monroe, looking for the statue themselves.

“I’m disappointed that I’m not going to be able to see it because I’m leaving on Monday but it’s such an iconic picture of her or display of her, that I think it’s quite wonderful,” said Carolyn King visiting from Minnesota.

“She’s a beautiful girl, she’s an American icon. I’m from San Diego and they have a thing down there by the midway and it’s a navy guy kissing a girl and it’s huge, and they had controversy over it but that’s San Diego, it’s beautiful. art is beautiful and I think they should bring more art back into these cities,” said Steve Odekirk visiting from San Diego.

Though Marilyn has been cleared for her return to Palm Springs, her scheduled arrival has been delayed due to the ongoing court battles.

“It takes about 9 days to be trucked, in a couple of flatbed trucks from new jersey to palm springs and it takes them an additional 8 or 9 days with a specialized crew of four to assemble her,” explained Dada.

No official date has been set as to when the old Hollywood icon will arrive, but PS Resorts is hoping to have an answer within the week.

We are hoping that Monday, Tuesday we will have some sort of a firm date and hoping it will be very soon,” said Dada.

“It’s art first of all, and Palm Springs is very artsy and it all depends on how people take it but I believe that that’s just going to be a benefit to palm springs like I said bringing in more tourism, and I mean it’s the Marilyn Monroe statue you know, its been here before and people are asking for it back so I’m glad to have it back,” explained Julio Chavez, Palm Springs Resident.

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