Cabazon Dinos see their next makeover

Cabazon Dinos see their next makeover

Taylor Martinez

The attraction that stops visitors both coming in and out of the Coachella Valley has yet another new paint job. The Cabazon Dinosaurs.

The latest change features the main dinosaur with a pair of board shorts and a tank top reading, “I heart CA.”

“It’s amazing, I think it’s keeping it nice and fresh and it’s a really nice outdoor thing and you don’t have to worry about about the indoors with everything going on,” said the Lathlean family traveling from Menifee.

Other dinos in the exhibit can be seen in summer colors and “apparel.” Some even catching waves.

“It’s totally California,” said the Lavalle family from Los Angeles, “he looks like he’s at the California beach of something.”

The Cabazon Dinosaurs are opened daily for people to explore.

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