Number One Show on Netflix 05/12/21

Number One Show on Netflix 05/12/21

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“Jupiter’s Legacy” debuted on the top spot on Netflix over the weekend.  The superhero drama based on Mark Millar and Frank Quitely’s Image Comics series of the same name has Josh Duhamel as The Utopian, leader of the Union.

I sat down with the other members of the Union, Walter Sampson aka Brainwave played by Ben Daniels and Mark Lanter’s mysterious George Hutchence aka Skyfox.  I also spent some time with the Small family Fitz (The Flare played by Mike Wade) and his daughter Petra aka The Flare II played by Tenika Davis.

“Jupiter’s Legacy” is now streaming on Netflix.

For more on my “Jupiter’s Legacy” interview, click here.  For my review, here.

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