Local Leaders React To States Increased Surplus

Nico Payne

In January Governor Gavin Newsom announced a $15 billion dollar surplus, that surplus stemming from pandemic-aid overflow has now increased to $76 billion.

“This budget builds on a strong fiscal foundation, one that allows us to set aside even more resources,” explained Newsom.

Governor Newsom has spent much of the week laying out his $100 billion dollar California Comeback Plan focusing on immediate relief for families, homelessness, public schools, infrastructure, and combating wildfires and climate change. Also mentioning a focus on mental health concerns for youth.

“Four billion-dollar commitment for wellness, for mental health, a four billion dollar commitment for universal screening and access to real treatment based upon the need for every child,” added Newsom.

Also tucked into Newsom’s proposal is a measure local advocates have been fighting for, for years, Medi-caid benefits for undocumented people over the age of 60.

“I think we are talking about the essential workers that have been working in our agricultural fields now having access to healthcare is a game-changer. for them individually but also for our healthcare system,” explained Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia representing the 56th District of California.

A big day for the Todec Legal Center, as they celebrate this big achievement towards getting healthcare for all. Garcia calling the increasing surplus an opportunity for all Californians.

“What we do recognize is that our tax code system in California requires those making a lot of money to pay a lot of money, and clearly it tells us that there are some people that during this pandemic have done well financially. And they are here in California and they are paying their taxes, and now we as leaders in California under the leadership of Gavin Newsom are making proposals to make sure those revenues go back to the people of California.”

A smaller portion of the budget will focus on cleaning California.

“Another big thing we need to implement, we can’t just promote, is to clean this damn state up, and forgive my language, the states too damn dirty,” said Newsom.

Democratic lawmakers who control the legislature still have to approve the budget, and that is expected to happen before June 15th.

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