Flex alert issued for Monday


Searing temperatures once again on the west coast and the threat of wildfires disrupting electrical transmission have prompted the California Independent System Operator (Cal ISO) to issue another Flex Alert for Monday.

Consumers are asked to voluntarily conserve electricity from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. Such conservation would help ease the strain on the grid during the crucial evening hours when solar energy is diminished or no longer available.  Friday and Saturday, Cal ISO also issued Flex Alerts, asking consumers to reduce power usage.  Voluntary reduction on both days prevented mandatory forced  power outages which have been used in the past to protect the state’s electrical grid.

Record breaking temperatures including 120 on Saturday in Palm Springs and 130 in Death Valley are creating excessive demand for air conditioning.

In a statement issued Sunday evening, Cal ISO said with electric transmission lines from Oregon still unreliable due to the explosive Bootleg Fire in southern Oregon and continued high temperatures across the West resulting in increased demand for electricity, the California Independent System Operator (ISO)
issued a statewide Flex Alert for Monday, July 12 to help stabilize the state’s electric
grid and deal with uncertainty created by the extraordinary conditions.

Consumers are strongly encouraged to continue to conserve as much electricity as
possible between 4 p.m. and 9 p.m. Monday. Conservation is key to reducing stress on
the grid during these peak hours.

In addition, the ISO issued a Restricted Maintenance Operations (RMO) for Monday
that requires generators to postpone any planned outages for routine equipment
maintenance, ensuring that all available resources can be dispatched to the grid.

The fast-moving Bootleg Fire tripped off transmission lines on Friday and again
Saturday, limiting electricity flow from the Pacific Northwest to California and other
states. Power supplies to the California ISO service territory, which covers about 80
percent of the state, have been reduced by as much as 3,500 megawatts because of
the fire.

Yesterday, Governor Gavin Newsom signed an executive order to quickly secure
additional power that has helped maintain grid stability through the weekend. The
executive order remains in place.
When a Flex Alert is in effect, consumers are strongly encouraged to take these specific
actions from 4-9 pm:
– Set thermostats to 78 degrees or higher, if your health permits
– Avoid using major appliances, like dish washers and clothes washers and dryers
– Turn off all unnecessary lights

Earlier in the day, before the Flex Alert takes effect and when solar energy is abundant,
consumers are encouraged to take these steps to be comfortable and help grid
operators balance electricity supply and demand:
-Pre-cool your home by lowering the thermostat
– If you need to use your major appliances, do it before the Flex Alert is in effect,
when solar energy is plentiful


conditions on the grid became more challenging Friday afternoon when the rapidly expanding Bootleg wildfire in southern Oregon was threatening electric transmission lines, putting limits on the amount of energy that can be imported to California.

Cal ISO said that in addition to the Flex Alert, the ISO is using multiple tools to help keep the grid stable, including a solicitation on July 1 to generators in the Western region to procure additional resources.

The ISO is also working with business and industry to help them reduce electricity consumption at critical times.

When the Flex Alert is in effect again between 4 p.m. and 9 p.m. on Saturday, July 10, consumers are strongly encouraged to conserve energy by:
– Setting thermostats to 78 degrees or higher, if health permits
– Avoiding using major appliances
– Turning off all unnecessary lights


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