A Record Breaking 74 Students Receive Scholarships

Nico Payne

In other record-breaking news, 74 local high school and college students were awarded scholarships totaling a combined $136,000. NBC Palm Springs caught up with one of this year’s recipients to see what they have planned for the future.

The Dr. Carreon Foundation has been helping students of Mexican heritage become the best they can be through education since 1991.

“Last year 63 scholarships were awarded, we’ve jumped up to 74 this year and hope to continue to grow that,” said Chris Clemens, Spokesperson with Dr. Carreon Foundation.

“I also attended Dr. Carreon middle elementary school, so my life has really come together full circle,” said Jason Davalos, scholarship recipient.

Davalos explains that his Dad was also a recipient of the same scholarship back in the 1980s and he is proud to follow in his footsteps.

“It’s really a moment of pride for me, my dad was actually awarded this scholarship when he was in high school back in the ’80s so it’s really for my family, it’s really a proud moment,” added Davalos.

Representatives explained that Dr. Carreon had a deep care for education throughout the Coachella Valley.

“They were able to get an education back in the ’80s and even earlier and he provided $100,000 in scholarships back then to the College Of The Desert students and I think he would just be thrilled to see his legacy continue on like this,” explained Clemens.

Jason, after pushing on through a tough year, says he wants to go into nursing, his reasoning, he saw a need and he is motivated to help.

“This entire past year with this pandemic I really saw that there was such a need for nurses, especially nurses, and seeing especially how hard our community was impacted by this pandemic as well. and with this scholarship, it’s almost like really, that closure, and now it’s stepping on to the next step in my life,” said Davalos.


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