Caitlyn Jenner Expected To Make Campaign Stops In The Desert

Nico Payne

The gubernatorial recall election is less than a month away and candidates are hitting the campaign trail, republican Caitlyn Jenner is expected to make a stop in the Coachella Valley Monday and Tuesday.

She plans to share both her platform and her disapproval of Governor Newsom.

“Speaking of, has Newsom ever been here,” asked Jenner while visiting the southern Mexico Border in San Diego.

Jenner, who recently visited the Mexico border wall in parts of San Diego, claims the border crisis is the main reason for her campaign.

She says if elected, she plans to finish construction along the border and make it easier to enter legally.

“I want to be able to do a program where you can legally come into the country to work. because they are a part of our economy,” added Jenner.

During Jenner’s tour with Border Patrol, she witnessed firsthand a group of migrants crossing into The United States. Sharing her reaction on the security of our borders.

“We don’t have a state, we do not have a country if we don’t have a secure border, bottom line. that’s it,” explained Jenner.

Governor Newsom was also on the road this weekend launching his vote no campaign. Making stops in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

“Election day ends on the 14th. It begins this week. Those ballots are dropping and mailboxes all across the state. We encourage people. we employ you, please vote no on this recall,” said Newsom.

Jenner, who is expected to speak at the East Valley Women’s Republican Headquarters in La Quinta, also spoke on what separators here from the large pool of 46 candidates.

“I call myself an inclusive republican. Why? Because of social issues, I’m inclusive to all people. In the case of Larry Elder, he’s far-right, I’m middle-right,” said Jenner.

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