Affordable RV’s and the lifestyle of the rich and famous in them

Tony Phan

Ahead of Labor Day weekend, many families are expected to hit the roads and enjoy the “unofficial” end of summer. Mike Thompson’s RV Super Store gave a tour of the more affordable recreational vehicle.

Typically the standard trailer or motor home ranges from $20,000 to about $100,000. These are generally the ones you see on the road and what most people get. Get this, RVs can be tax write-offs since they’re considered a second home.

Sher Lyckman, Store manager at Mike Thompson’s RV Super Store says,

“The reason why we’re putting it out there is that we need your trade-ins we need your consignments, we need you to come and bring a coach that maybe you’re not looking so that we can purchase it from you is because so many people these days are first time buyers, so the market has just been flooded. the RV market has been flooded with first-time buyers.”

Lyckman also gave us the full tour of RVs that are on the higher-end of these bad boys.

“This is one of the finest resorts here in the Coachella valley. And there are several others of the same or similar caliber. And it’s just phenomenal the sort of lifestyle that is available in this community. This is where you own your own resort you own your own parking spot, so to speak.”

There are three different RV classes start with A being the longest, C is middle-sized, and B is the smallest.

  • Class A: 21 to 45 feet and uses a commercial truck chassis or commercial bus.
  • Class C: 20 to 31 feet long and is built on a truck or van cutaway chassis.
  • Class B: 17 to 19 feet and these are usually seen as campervans, trailers, or smaller motorhomes.

According to Lyckman a lot of people are still coming by to check out RVs and she sees the demand continues to stay steady.

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