Campaigns Ramp Up Days Ahead of Recall Election

Kamari Esquerra

California is now just days away from the second recall election in the state’s history, and organizations around the state are ramping up campaign efforts. 

Rescue California launched its statewide ‘Real People for the Recall’ tour, making a stop in Indio on Wednesday afternoon. Representatives discussed their reasons to vote yes on the recall election, tying Governor Newsom to issues including crime, homelessness, pandemic restrictions, and struggling small businesses.

“We have chosen to do what we’ve always done which is work for and represent the people of California in their effort to remove Gavin Newsom for destroying their family lives, for destroying their quality of life, for destroying businesses, (and) for releasing murderers on the streets,” said Rescue California Campaign Manager Anne Dunsmore.

Angela Marsden, a business owner who went viral last year after she called out inconsistencies in Newsom’s pandemic restrictions, also spoke out against the governor at the event.

“He does not care about people,” said Marsden. “We need to start holding these people accountable. This is the best situation to do it- to show the rest of the country and the rest of these politicians that they work for us, not the other way around. And we will hold them accountable. We will.”

Both Democrats and Republicans are hoping to maintain or gain some control from the upcoming recall election. Some local residents say that this election isn’t a party issue, but rather a people issue.

“Please get out and vote,” said Martha McCool, a LaQuinta resident. “You can make a difference whether you’re Republican or Democrat.” 

Nearly 1.3 million vote-by-mail ballots were issues in Riverside County. As of now, a little over 350,000 ballots have been returned.

Election day is Tuesday, Sept. 14, and that is also the last day to turn in your ballot. You can drop your ballot off at drop-off box, mail it in before Tuesday, or vote in-person at your polling place. For more voting information visit



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