El Patio in Palm Springs finds the key to bringing in more customers

Tony Phan

El Patio in Palm Springs opened at the start of the pandemic; a major concern for most businesses. However, the small business found that social media would be the game-changer for them to attract more customers.

Francisco Sanchez, Co-Owner says,

“Huge help for us with social media. My daughter is really the one, she’s on top of things. You know Google, Instagram, you know you name it.”

According to Diana Doukas, US Policy Programs Manager, Economic Impact for Facebook,

“Finding that more than half of California Small Businesses are getting about 25% of their sales from their digital presence.”

The restaurant isn’t letting the obstacles damper their celebrations of Hispanic Heritage Month. They still continue to enjoy the festivities with the community and their tight-knit family.

The heavy-lift through the past eighteen months was finding people who were willing to work. Felipe de la Torre, Co-owner says that getting the family involved with the restaurant has made the difference.

“If it wasn’t for the family there’s no way we could have done it.”

El Patio says the pandemic affected them but didn’t completely uproot their lives. Fortunately for their outdoor seating, it made it possible to keep doors open.

They hope that the continued community support and family ties that they’ll continue pushing through the pandemic.

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