‘PS I Love You’ sculpture celebrates their one year anniversary

Tony Phan

It’s been a year since the ‘PS I Love You’ was unveiled in downtown Palm Springs. Now it’s become quite the photogenic piece; where many come by to capture that Kodak moment.

NBC Palm Springs sat down with Nona Watson, CEO of Palm Springs Chamber of Commerce to remind viewers how the sculpture was developed.

“Oh absolutely. And if you haven’t seen it, you have to come to our downtown it’s right in the middle of our downtown. It’s a perfect place for it but yeah, about a year ago we decided that we wanted to do something that would be an instagrammable art piece. The chamber wanted to contribute something to the city that was fun and and there’s something that we could get behind and love and a ‘PS I love You’ our hashtag and so I was watching a show one day Good bones and they had the iron Indian, I thought I came to work and I said to my staff, I go I want a sign like that and they were all rolling their eyes you know good luck, you know, but I thought we can do this. So we were very blessed. Luckily, the Palm Springs Public Arts Commission we presented to them and they were able to fund part of it and PS resorts. And then we were really lucky where we found Kenyan copy and print who could actually build it for us locally. Because right about that time the pandemic had hit. And so what love letters did for the staff was it kept us working on something we really enjoyed doing we were able to design it you know to pick the font to pick the size I mean each piece weighs over 800 pounds and so she’s a pretty big presence in the downtown. And we wanted something to bring people out in a safe way where they could just take an Instagram and put it all psi love you everywhere. And it was originally built to be moved around. But the more we thought about it, we thought we’d find a home for her. And then if there was an organization that was doing an event or if there was something going on that we wanted to celebrate in our city, we left the heart so that you could wrap it and celebrate that which is where we are now.”

Currently, the sign is wrapped for the Desert Aids Walk for DAP Health. Which is happening on October 30th.

The sign continues to remind the community that despite the obstacles and struggles we face; it’s always together and we’ll triumph over it.

“It’s been around forever It’s been the hashtag forever and we just wanted it to be every we want people to celebrate right? To celebrate the events to come to our downtown. This is our contribution to make everything come together and yeah so if you’re if you haven’t seen it if you haven’t taken your picture with it, please come down and just stand in middle and enjoy our downtown.”

Throughout the year the sign will help remind people of what event is coming up or going on!

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