Student Vaccine Mandate; Will Effect Grades 7-12

Nico Payne

California becomes the first state in the nation to require eligible students to get the Covid-19 vaccination. The mandate could take effect early next year and would apply to both public and private schools.

“We already mandate 10 vaccines. In so many ways, this is the most, well, this is a significant announcement. but it’s probably the most predictable announcement,” said Governor Gavin Newsom

Following FDA approval the new mandate would require students 12-17 years of age to get a Covid-19 vaccine, eliminating the option to submit regular testing for both students and staff.

“We sensed that it was going to come sooner, rather than later, we actually just put our kids back in school after the last year and a half, I homeschooled them for the last year and ironically just this week we put them back in school,” explained Allysaa Tackman, DSUSD Parent.

Los Angeles County ahead of this mandate, already issuing a mandate of their own requiring students to be vaccinated to participate in extracurricular programs. For L.A. school’s the deadline for the first dose is Sunday and October 31st for the second shot.

“I told them, I’m going to go ahead and have you get the vaccine but I’m going to be praying about it,” said Heather Cioffi, LAUSD Parent.

LAUSD parents were at first hesitant about the Covid-19 vaccine saying they still feel like they need more information, a sentiment some Coachella valley parents agree with.

“Each family should be able to choose whether or not they want to get that vaccine for the adults and the children alike,” added Tackman.

Parents are now waiting to make their decision upon the FDA approval.

“The covid-19 vaccines are FDA’s top priority and they know the urgency with which our children need the vaccine. They will be guided by science and safety as they evaluate vaccine data for children. that’s, what’s reassuring to me as a parent,” said Dr. Vivek Murthy, U.S. Surgeon General.

“We’re just going to sit back and see what happens with the FDA approval and go from there. we’re going to pray about it and make our decision based on what we feel will be best for our family and our kids,” explained Tackman.

NBC Palm Springs did reach out to all Coachella Valley school districts as they will have the responsibility of enforcing the new mandate, all school districts have yet to release an official statement as they continue to process the new information.

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