15th Annual Paint El Paseo Pink Celebration

Nico Payne

A lot of pink shoes hit the pavement Saturday morning as Paint El Paseo Pink made its return for its 15th annual celebration and fundraiser. On this special day, the community and local hospitals partner with the Desert Cancer Foundation to pay the cost of cancer care for local residents.

“The message is we’re a team, we’re a community, we’re one, you can count on us and on each other,” said Alison Sachs, Board Member of the Desert Cancer Foundation.

Survivors and thrivers sharing their stories and the symbolism behind the many pink beads seen on El Paseo.

“The beads represent every year that I have survived, so I have 32 beads, one for good luck. Every year I do this and I have been doing this for many years and they mean a great deal to people,” said Micki Greenspan, a cancer survivor of 31 years.

“Get out there and do something, you know, remind people to get their mammogram, remind people to do a breast self-exam. Even the men because breast cancer is becoming a lot more prevalent in men as well. And so remind your family, your friends, and your friends’ family and just get out there and make a difference,” said Sher Lyckman, Mike Thompson’s RV Super Store.

The Desert Cancer Foundation also reminds residents that a diagnosis is not a death sentence and help is available to all Coachella Valley Residents.

“To be here and see the many survivors celebrating that they have accomplished it and they have come through, I think it’s just really a message of hope that you can survive and awareness is important,” said Eevet Edens, Executive Director of the Desert Cancer Foundation.

“The Desert Cancer  Foundation has all of us from both hospitals sitting on their board, the social workers at both hospitals, the physicians, the nurses, bring to the desert cancer foundation their patients who are underinsured, uninsured, or don’t have the financial means to pay co-pays, premiums. we’re there for them, that’s what desert cancer foundation does. no one else does this,” added Sachs.

And a message to those currently fighting the disease.

“It’s very scary to have cancer, but when you see people that have lived through it and gotten better, even though I’ve had it more than once, life goes on and you can still do your thing,” said Greenspan.

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