Donors Needed as Blood Shortage Impacts the SoCal Region

Ceci Partridge

Dr. Mike Mesisca Emergency Medicine Department Chair at Riverside University Health System Medical Center shares information about the blood shortage that is impacting the area and how you can help.

“We’re sort of facing an incredible shortage,” says Dr. Mike Mesisca Emergency Medicine Department Chair with RUHS Medical Center. He continued with the the blood shortage happening in Riverside County is an event that’s also happening around the nation.

“Being somebody that gets the call from the lab when we get down to a critical shortage… and then when we start calling neighboring hospitals and realise that ya know we’re not unique in this respect it’s really eye opening as to how big of a strain ya know of how big this is and how much help we need.”

The restrictions that come with the COVID19 pandemic have put a stop to most community blood drives in the area which are the life line for many blood recipients and hospitals.

“Likely related to the pandemic, but what we’re seeing is an all time low in donations.” Dr. Mesisca also said,”that is creating is some challenges in direct patient care.”

Those challenges can hit close to home in our everyday lives.

“We all have somebody probably close to us or within our circuit that can think of that could potentially need blood.”

For those wanting to help there are a number of options that are available.

“What we really need it our community partners that have done blood drives in the past or people that have donated blood to resume that process.

“All ages and all walks of life can really take the time and sort of participate in something that’s a pretty incredible way to help your community. ”

To donate blood visit:, or


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