Certified Farmers’ Market Looking To Fill Paid, Volunteer Positions

Kamari Esquerra

“The farmers’ market is a terrific place to work because people who come here are so excited to be here,” said Megan Goehring, Manager of Certified Farmers Market. “It’s a healthy environment.”

Business is booming at the Certified Farmers’ Market, and now the market is looking for people who can help serve the thriving community of customers.

“I’m looking for all kinds of different people. I am looking for a part-time associate here at the farmers markets so that would be someone helping me here at my three markets,” said Goehring. “Someone that would help me work to nourish the community.”

The Certified Farmers’ Market operating in Palm Springs, Palm Desert, and La Quinta hopes to fill numerous positions from paid to volunteer opportunities.

“We’re also always looking for volunteers at the market to help us on site,” said Goehring. “Also looking for folks who are interested in working with our farmers and vendors.”

Many businesses struggled to survive during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, but the shut down was a saving grace for the farmers market and for local farmers.

“During the pandemic, we were opened as essential services,” said Goehring. “We had customers say that they didn’t leave their house except to come to the market. That’s a great responsibility. People really depend on the market for healthy food and they trust us to keep them safe.”

“With the pandemic and the shutdown, it’s been hard. Markets have fortunately been able to stay open, and because of that, we’ve been able to continue to see some growth,” said Jip Shaffer, Owner of Canyon Creek Mushroom. “And now that we’re coming out the back part of all of this, the growth is really expanding.”

The success has lead to demand for helpers, and the Certified Farmers’ Market is seeking the Coachella Valley’s help in continuing to nourish the community through fresh and locally-grown produce and support local farmers and small businesses.

“It’s just rewarding just to give back to the community,” Rick Cunningham, a volunteer.

“People really trust us as their essential service,” said Goehring. “You’re really working toward bringing healthy food and access to healthy food to everyone in our coachella valley.”

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