Legend Gardens Update; Patients Still Looking For New Home

Nico Payne

It’s been over a week since the shocking discovery of a local nursing home that was abandoned by its owner, Legend Gardens was home for about 30 patients who had to look for new care due to the abrupt closing, so where are these patients now, and did they find the care they needed?

NBC Palm Springs spoke to organizers who are still in the process of helping relocate many of the neglected residents.

“There are some that can’t go to the restroom, can’t walk. so if some of us were not here they literally would not be able to do anything on their own,” explained Naomi Saavedra, Staff Member at Legend Gardens.

A little more than a week ago, NBC Palm Springs brought you the story of Legend Gardens. Speaking to employees the morning state assistance arrived, many said they would continue to care for their patients even though they had stopped getting paid.

“It bounced, and then everyone’s account was in the negative and we heard nothing from the owner, everybody was trying to contact him,” added Saavedra.

A relocation process is underway for those residents, with other local facilities stepping in to help with the transfers.

“It’s been a hectic week to say the least, dealing with the families, dealing with each individual need, of each client, so far we got about ten going to Bayshire,” said Brett Shepard, Executive Director of Omni Senior Services.

Around 5-10 residents remain at Legend Gardens as they wait for relocation. Meanwhile, the property is scheduled for auction on December 14th, posing another challenge for patients and their families, a higher cost of care.

“There are some income and restraints that family members, you know, budgets that don’t necessarily preclude you to just take off and go wherever you want. For instance Bayshire is paying for all the moving for all the residents to come,” added Shepard.

Other residents have also reported that they relocated to The Palms facility in La Quinta. As for the patients that remain, the state has since taken over and is providing the funding, but they have given a deadline of 30 days, with still no word from the owner.

“I understand that he had some facebook posts that he was out of town on vacation, which even adds more to the kind of disgust in the situation. this man has a lot of court to look forward to,” said Shepard.

And as for the employees who continued to selflessly show up, they are also being assisted with offers of employment, some still currently working at the Legend Gardens facility to continue helping with the remaining patients’ transition.

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