An Expert Weighs-In: How to Find “The One” When You’re Feeling Stuck


We’re well into a new year and for many people the goal of 2022 is finding love and developing a healthy romantic relationship.

Dr. Christie Kederian is a renowned relationship therapist and psychologist who has helped hundreds find love. She has advice for singles on how to help their odds of finding a soulmate and what to do if you’re feeling stuck.

How to Prepare for Dating Sunday and Meeting “The One” in 2022  
1: Know what you’re looking for: There will be a LOT of people on dating apps – as many as join a gym as their New Year’s Resolutions, if you’re sure about what you want, you’re not going to get distracted by people you don’t want.

2: Have a consistent schedule and stick to it: Create a “dating calendar” for yourself so you make sure the busyness of getting back to work and you’re not overwhelmed with other goals.

3: Start with small goals and stick to them: Maybe you’d like to go on one face to face date, or Facetime date a week, stay consistent and follow through.

4: Plan for positive reinforcement after dates: After you go on a date, plan for a fun phone call with a friend or a nice bubble bath so if the first date bombs, you have something positive to bookend the evening so you don’t end up falling into discouragement and despair.

5: Don’t play hard to get: Exchange phone numbers, reply to messages and start setting up dates. If you’re serious about finding love, don’t miss a potential match by playing games.

6: Update your profiles: Use new, fun photos from your 2021 adventures and update your bio. One of the worst things you can do is have an old and stale profile that does not depict who you currently are.

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