Local TikTok Stars Targeted for Second Time

Carmela Karcher

This was the scene caught on a neighbors camera three weeks ago: a car driving past the home of local TikTok stars called “The Old Gays.”

The aftermath was two shattered windows in the front of their home, leaving the members in shock.

But now, the shock has turned into a more serious concern.

“I feel as though I have been stalked, but I have no idea who would,” “The Old Gays” member Bill Lyons said.

At around 7:45 p.m. Monday night, a sound all too familiar with the group now filled Lyons’ apartment.

“I heard this grunt from a guy, and all of a sudden the glass came crashing down,” Lyons continued. “By the time I got up, got on my clothes and went outside, there was just no one there. In combination with what happened three weeks ago, it just really scared me.”

This confirmed the group’s suspicions.

“We had feelings that it was a hate crime, but there wasn’t a nexus with anything else. That confirmed the suspicion that it was a hate crime,” fellow member Robert Reeves explained.

Reeves filed a police report three weeks ago but has seen little movement on his case.

With this happening to Lyons at his apartment in a different location, Reeves says the city and police department are making more efforts.

But, they say this won’t stop them from doing what they enjoy.

“‘The Old Gays’ as a group, our mission is to try to help LGBTQ people deal with issues in life that they face,” Reeves said. “We aren’t going to stop because of this. If anything, we are even more determined to get the messages out and to keep doing what we are doing and find ways to elevate that.”

“I hope something happens and happens soon,” Lyons shared. “I hope this is taken seriously.”

The group told us the Cathedral City Police Department said it would be two weeks until there would be any movement on their original case.

It’s now been three weeks.

Reeves has been in contact with the city manager of Cathedral City and he said there was an indication that their case would be brought to the highest level within the police department. 

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