COD NASA Interns Present Summer 2022 Project Findings

Ceci Partridge

College of the Desert students who participated in the NASA on Campus internship program displayed the findings of the projects they conducted over the summer.

The presentations will take place at the Fall 2022 FLEX program and activities.

Students worked on projects which included building a portable satellite ground station to receive signals from NOAA satellites. These signals allow people to see photos of the Earth’s surface.

There is a project that involved designing, building and launching a “Cubesat” satellite over the Salton Sea. This project resulted in participants being able to measure carbon dioxide in the area.

There is even a project that is built to customize an environmental chamber to mimic conditions on comets, asteroids, icy satellites, and planetary bodies. The goal of that project is to assist with landing on future space missions.

You can check out other videos from the internship on YouTube: Flight Images from Cubesat CompiledCubesat Timelapse Assembly VideoThermogenics Lab Sample TestingGround Station Build VideoCubesat Launch Day Video.

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