Digital License Plates Now Allowed In California

Tiani Jadulang

California drivers can say goodbye to that rusty piece of metal!  Digital license plates are now available! 

Assembly Bill 984 was passed earlier this month allowing drivers in the State of California to purchase a digital license plate for their cars. 

We spoke to locals and asked how they felt about the new bill.

“I love it. I can change the color of it.” says Raul Survin.

The new and improved digital license plates will now sweep the streets of California, for $19.95 cents a month or $215.40 per year under a 4 year contract.

“I can go from white to black lettering…the mamba mentality. I can change the personalization of it with a couple of different options that they have.” Survin adds on.

Some locals say they aren’t big fans and can do without them.

Mark Torres, a local resident says, “No I wouldn’t get one myself. I feel like $20 a month or that much a year… I feel like we could do other things you know for other things and I feel like our licensed plates are okay right now.”

Meanwhile some admit it’s cool, but aren’t too sure if they would buy one any time soon

“I think it’s a nice idea.” valley resident James Guibault states.

But he still has doubts about this new technology.

“I’m not into all the high tech stuff. You know, it’s really hard for me to work stuff on my phone.”

Most of the residents were unsure if they would purchase a plate in the future, but one thing they did agree on was the expected popularity they would have given the younger generation’s love for technology.

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